Product Info & Testing

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Flame and Ember Resistant Vent

Chapter 7A, 706A2​

Wildfire Defense Mesh meets the requirements of the CBC, Chapter 7A 706A.2 when tested to ASTM E2886 (Vertically Installed)

Off Ridge and Ridge Vents

Chapter 7A, 706A2.1

Wildfire Defense Mesh meets the requirements of the CBC, Chapter 7A 706A.2 – Off Ridge and Ridge Vents

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Class A Fire Rated Building Product

Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

UL 723 / ASTM E84
30 minute Test

Flame and Ember Resistance

Evaluating the Ability of Exterior Vents to Resist the Entry of Embers and Direct Flame Impingement (Vertical)

ASTM E2886

Flame Impingement

Fire Test on Non-Mechanical
Fire Dampers Used in Vented Construction (Vertical)

ASTM E2912-17

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Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Standards

SS Chemical Composition
ASTM – A580

SS Woven Mesh
ASTM E2016-15

Corrosion Test

SS Corrosion Resistance
AS/NZS 2331

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Bushfire Test & Standards

Aperture Dimensions
AS 3959

Non Flammable Material
SD 1530.3

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Ember Attack

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University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
Report No: Project 1007952

Radiant Heat

QAI Laboratories


Report No FCO-3313
ISO Accredited 17025
Report No

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Wildfire Defense Mesh complies with the following Regulators & Stakeholders requirements in combating the threat of wildfires

  • International Wildland-Urban Interface Code (IWUI)
  • International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF)
  • Austin Wildland Urban Interface Code
  • IBHS, Wildfire Prepared Home
  • NFPA & FireWise recommendations
  • CAL FIRE Home Hardening Recommendations
  • Living With Fire Home Hardening Recommendations
  • Building Council of Australia for Building in a Bushfire Prone Area
  • Rural Fire Service (NSW)
  • Victoria Building Authority
  • Queensland Reconstruction Authority, Queensland Government