Wildfire Defense Mesh


Tested against UL 723 / ASTM E84 and satisfies NFPA, CAL FIRE, FEMA and IWUIC where Mesh is suggested as an application.

Tested and proven in Australia, now available in U.S. & approved to U.S. building standards.

Inspired by our customers and collaboration with industry and research institutes to continually innovate.

Installation is simple and quick, easy to cut & shape and extensive range.

Sharing 20 years of Australian knowledge with the U.S.


With Australian Universities, Industry Associations, Science Agency & State Fire Authority.

SSWM works closely with industry experts to design its products to meet the requirements of Australian Standards and that can withstand Australia’s harsh environment.


We deliver throughout the U.S. and do drop shipments to a warehouse, jobsite or residential address (subject to the parcel size).

Our vision is to bring Australian innovation to the US and be part of the wildfire solution for your local community and help protect your home, community and assets against ember attack and radiant heat.

With our 5 star performance bushfire mesh.


Australia’s original Bushfire Mesh has been designed, developed, tested and proven in Australia’s harshest environments and now available for U.S customers. Bushfire Mesh has been designed and tested to US Building standards to help protect your home, community and assets against a wildfires ember attack and radiant heat. Bushfire Mesh has been developed by Stainless Steel Wire and Mesh Pty Ltd (SSWM). SSWM is Australia’s largest stockiest of stainless steel wire and mesh and we also think globally. SSWM are an industry leader in innovation, ensuring products are designed and tested to withstand the United States and Australia’s harsh environment. “SSWM has worked with Industry & Australian Universities to design a product that will stop embers and reflect radiant heat to reduce the likelihood of building fires. I am proud to be part of the solution for asset protection for both the Australian & United States communities.” Andrew Greer, SSWM Managing Director. Australia and the Unites States have a long history of Innovation together and Australia is described as a vital ally, partner and friend of the United States. Both countries during times of adversity have stood side by side, with Australia standing alongside the U.S. to sharing resources to fight wildfires and bushfires in each other’s countries.

The Greer Family & SSWM – Bushfire Mesh Mission

After the 2019-2020 devastating Australian bushfires and the destructive impact on so many families, communities, businesses, wildlife and ecosystems, SSWM asked “how can we make a difference?” We came up with three (3) realistic objectives for how the Greer Family and SSSWM could make a difference:
  • To continue to innovate our Bushfire Mesh range to offer further solutions to the Australian community and now the United States communities.
  • To educate and continue to raise awareness in regard to ember attack and radiant heat and how Bushfire Mesh can protect against it
  • To develop low costs solutions that can be easily implemented by the asset owner to provide proven protection against ember attack & radiant heat


Andrew Greer, the Managing Director of SSWM, began working in the wire industry over 45 years ago with Greer & Ashburner and Greer Wire. Throughout his 45 years of involvement in the wire industry, Andrew Greer has seen the market change first hand and has responded to best service this market.

The Greer family’s origins in the wire business began in 1849, when the son of the Scottish founder arrived in Victoria just prior to the gold rush, to supply the diggers with wire mesh sieves.

After the devastating 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria, the Royal Commission called for a more progressive building code. With the update of Australian Standard (AS) 3959, Constructions of Buildings in Bushfire prone areas. Andrew, who had over 40 years of experience supplying wire mesh for fire attenuation, along with daughters Tory & Amanda began to innovate its stainless steel product range to meet the AS 3959 requirements and coined the term, Bushfire Mesh.


SSWM is the leading supplier of Bushfire Mesh in Australia to homes, schools, community centers, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and infrastructure projects. SSWM continues to innovate through R&D and academic partnerships to develop new products and applications for its Bushfire Mesh. This will ensure SSWM can continue to be a part of the solution in preventing bushfire devastation to Australian families and communities.

The unfortunate reality is that the future of bushfires is going to become more frequent and increase in intensity creating a greater problem for us all. This requires an approach by all stakeholders to prepare their home, building and/or assets and its defendable space to best protect against bushfires, ember attack and radiant heat.

Bushfire Mesh is a cost-efficient and effective measure in blocking ember attack and direct radiant heat. With over 80% of homes burning due to ember attack, we see our product as an essential defense measure for an effective emergency management plan.

“Being a family business, we think in generations, and Bushfire Mesh is part of our solution for asset protection for the Australian community.” Amanda Greer, Business Development Manager.

SSWM also think globally, Australia’s original Bushfire Mesh is now available in the USA. James Greer, Andrew’s son has developed Bushfire Mesh for Americans to better protect their homes, communities and assets against wildfires.